We have a plan to help make the world a better place...


By getting people to spend more time on spiritual contemplation, and less on shallow, ego-centric thoughts.

Our fundamental goal:  provide simple, thought-provoking messages which spur people to make profound, uplifting changes in their belief systems, which could then cause significant, positive changes in their actions and lives, inevitably improving society. 

We want to place the concept of a Guru - a spiritual preceptor - a sacred teacher/friend/guide - in a thought-provoking, creative format on a billboard or large poster on primary or secondary traffic arteries where they can be easily seen and read by vehicular traffic and pedestrians in commercial and industrial areas.

Our ambitious message, which we want to present in non-threatening, non-judgemental, and non-denominational ways, is that no-one is alone, everybody has a guru, even if they don’t know it.  The cosmic law seems to be that people have to be ready for a guru - when they really, really (really) want/need one, then the guru appears.  This is a main-stream belief in India (over 1/6 of the world population).  We certainly do not insist that we are right and everyone else is wrong, we just want to get the idea of a guru as a special mentor/guide/sacred friend out into our culture’s mainstream belief system, hopefully replacing (or upgrading) the current idea of the guru as an expert or teacher.