What is a guru

A Guru is someone who has reached perfect self-mastery through self-effort in moral discipline, meditation, and selfless service.  After attaining this self-mastery, a true Guru may go on to serve spiritual seekers by helping them achieve their own self-mastery through the teachings imparted by that Guru.

Why do i need a guru?

If someone is lost in a huge labyrinth, it is very hard to quickly and safely find the way out.  A true Guru serves as a personal guide to help spiritual seekers find their way out of the labyrinth of life's challenges and often seemingly impossible contradictions of what constitutes right action, right speech and right thinking.

How do i find my guru?

It is often said, "When the student is ready, the Guru appears."  The simplest way to start the search for your Guru is by going deep into the silence within yourself and asking day after day, with deep concentration and devotion in the language of your own heart, "O my Guru, come to me! come to me!" until you are led to that Guru who you feel can lead you out of the labyrinth of life.